Explainer Video (PT)
Embark on a journey of coherence and clarity with our explainer video for the NGO's campaign, 'Coherence in the European Union Presidency'. 
Using mixed media through a seamless blend of photo montage and sleek typography in motion design, we illuminate the vital connection between Sustainable Development and the Council of the European Union Presidencies. Scroll to unveal the visual storytelling as we educate and inspire.

More info: fecongd.org/coerencia/agiroureagir/
Client: FEC (Fundação Fé e Cooperação)
Account: Mariana Pereira
Production/Direction: Puto Studio
Script: Teresa Andrade
Project Manager: Catarina Antonio
Animation: Diogo Tavares
Design: | MATH IS GOOD |
Music: |Jonathan Boyle - Snappy

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